- Ai Ai Syndrome

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LP, 500 copies, black wax, 180 gr

RIYL: Mia, Halcali, Avenue D, Peaches


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  • Hate

  • Now

  • 歪 Love

  • Lifefull

  • Automade

  • メンヘラブス

  • George

  • Olhero

We are totally into CHARISMA.COM’s no frills and no bullshit attitude. More than their bouncy and electric as fuck hip-hop music, this is what we fell in love with when we discovered them in Tokyo. This is what their first album is all about, too.

Meet MC Itsuka & DJ Gonchi aka Japan’s most furious CHARISMA.COM. Best friends forever since childhood, these feisty femmes started making filthy electro-rap tunes in 2011, through which Itsuka dismantles modern Japanese society with spiteful glee. They’re the ultimate haters but they have fun with it. So much funn, indeed, that they’re gaining a lot of attention at the moment in their own country and beyond, tearing every stage apart and bringing even the craziet clubber down to his knees.


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